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Sonoma County News

Actor Sentenced

Actor Ryan Grantham , who starred in the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and the series "Riverdale" has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to killing his mother in 2020. The day after the killing, he loaded his car with three guns, ammunition and 12 Molotov cocktails with the intent of killing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He instead turned himself in to the Vancouver police. {photo courtesy of People.com}


Russia has pounded Ukrainian cities with missiles, rockets and suicide drones ahead of celebrations to mark annexing seized Ukrainian territory into Russia. Ukrainian officials said one of the strikes killed at least 25 people. {photo courtesy of ABC News}

Oakland Shooting

We have more details on the tragic shool shooting in Oakland. 2 adult students and 4 school workers were the ones shot on Wednesday. Oakland Police Chief Laronne Armstong believes the shooting was gang related, but the 6 wounded were not the intended targets. [CLIP] Police are reviewing security footage from the school.

DUI Checkpoint

The Santa Rosa Police Department will hold a DUI checkpoint somewhere in the city Friday night between 6pm and 2am. First time violators face fines of over 13-thousand dollars.

PGE Settlement

Former executives with PG & E have reached a settlement agreement over the 2017 North Bay Fires and the 2018 Camp fire. They have agreed to pay $117 million dollars after being sued by the Fire Victim's Trust. The agreement was finalized in San Francisco Superior Court today.

Nonprofit Arrest

The former director of the prominent non-profit Socal Adovates for Youth in Santa Rosa was arrested on suspicion of embezzling at least $53,000. Police arrested Lisa Fatu during a traffic stop near Piner High School. Fatu’s roommate, Anastacia Matavale, who police said knew about Fatu’s embezzlement, was also arrested. {photo courtesy of saysc.org}

Hwy 101 Crash

Perhaps you were stuck on Hwy 101 in Windsor yesterday when traffic came to a stop shortly after 11am. The driver of a A Toyota Camry was seriously injured when he slammed into a Caltrans vehicle protecting a mower on the side of the road. Both northbound lanes were shut down until about 2pm. {photo courtesy of the Press Democrat}


Coolio, one of the biggest names in hip-hop during the 1990s, is dead. His biggest hit was “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which earned him a Grammy for best solo rap performance and was on the soundtrack for the movie “Dangerous Minds,” starring Michelle Pfeiffer. {photo courtesy of Pitchfork}

CHP Raise

The hardworking members of the CHP are getting a raise of 6.2% this year, raising starting pay to about $111,000 per year. Despite the pay raise, the CHP is still struggling to hire, and is looking to fill 1,000 vacancies over the next few year. {photo courtesy of Patch}

Biden Hunger

How much will it cost to end hunger by 2030? $8 billion according to President Joe Biden, that is how much he has committed to make sure no American will go hungry. The plan calls for better access to healty food and increased healthy living education. {photo courtesy of CNBC}

New Area Code

The 707 area code has been our identity since 1959, but starting February 1st of next year, get ready for 369. The new area code will overlay the 707 to make room for all new phones. No one will get reassigned from 707, which was just about to run out of numbers. {photo courtesy of phonebookofcalifornia}

Hurricane Ian Latest 1

[CLIP] That's Hurricane Ian in what is being called a 500-year flood event for Florida, dropping more than a foot or rain, trapping people in homes, knocking out power to 2.5 million people. The Sheriff in Lee County says there could be "hundreds dead" due to Ian. Rescue and recovery efforts are now getting underway.

Fake Pills

They may look like candy, but they can kill you. Federal officials are warning about a new health threat: an increasing number of fake prescription pills containing potentially deadly fentanyl. Drug Enforcement Administration agents say they're trying to crack down on violent drug cartels believed to be trafficking drugs into the U.S. Between May and September authorities have seized more than 10 million fentanyl pills and hundreds of pounds of powder. The DEA warns that some of the pills are made in rainbow colors designed to look like candy. {photo courtesy of KTUL}

Russia Annex

Russia is poised to formally annex areas of Ukraine where it has military control after referendums there reportedly endorsed Moscow’s rule. But the ballots were widely discredited and earned the Kremlin no relief Wednesday from international pressure over its assault on Ukraine. Pro-Moscow administrations of all four occupied regions of southern and eastern Ukraine said that their residents voted to join Russia. Western countries, however, dismissed the ballots as a meaningless, and were just an attempt to legitimize its invasion of Ukraine seven months ago. {photo courtesy of ABC News}

Hurricane Ian

Ian is now a very strong Category 4 hurricane, just shy of becoming a catagory 5 with winds over 157 mph. Storm surge of 10 to now 18 feet is being predicted and could cause catastrophic damage along Florida's Gulf Coast. At least 2.5 million people were ordered to evacuate. Florida's governor says it is now too late to flee, anyone still in the area should "hunker down." Flights to Florida have been canceled out of SFO and Orlando International Airport is now closed. All major theme parks in the path of Ian in Florida are closed today and tomorrow, including all parks at Disney World.

New EV Charges

You probalby have seen them at Coddintown or outside of large buildings, but more EV chargers are coming to all 50 states. The U.S. Transportation Department approved a plan to build 500,000 EV stations across the country, every 50 miles and within 1 mile of an interstate highway. The White House has put almost $135 billion towards electric vehicle development and creation including building out the charging network by 2030. {photo courtesy of calmatters.org}

Gas Price Spike

Have you noticed gas prices spiking lately in Sonoma county? Apparently refinery maintenance along the west coast is to blame. Shutdowns, or reduced production, have been reported at four California refineries. Sonoma County’s average on Monday was $6.03 per gallon, which was outpacing California’s overall average of $5.80 per gallon. {photo courtesy of Family Handyman}

Chronic Homeless

Even with increased spending on services, chronic homelessness in Sonoma County has skyrocketed. A final report from the annual census reveals a 43% increase in chronic homelessness sine 2020, and a 5% increase in Sonoma County's overall homeless population. This despite the County and the city of Santa Rosa combined spending $44 million on housing the homeless at shelter sites since the pandemic began. Chronic homelessness is definead as those who have been continuously homeless for one year or more and/or those who have become homeless on four or more occasions within the past three years. {photo courtesy of the Petaluma Argus Courier}

Government Shutdown Looming

The pressure is on for Congress to avoid a government shutdown. A bill to fund the government through mid-December might not have enough votes to pass, meaning it might face its first shutdown since 2019 something that would disrupt everyday life, from timely payment of public benefits to delays at the IRS. Lawmakers are in agreement that they want to avoid a government shutdown, but Sen. Joe Manchin’s energy bill, tied to the continuing resolution that would fund the government, is proving unpopular. Both Republicans and Democrats have voiced opposition to Manchin’s energy bill, making the future of the continuing resolution unclear.

SFO Strike

If you are headed to SFO today, better bring your own food. Instead of working inside the airport, fast food and restaurant workers are in front of terminals at San Francisco International Airport on strike. Workers claim the majority of them make about 17 dollars an hour and they haven’t received a raise in three years. Employees say their hourly pay doesn’t even cover the price of a single meal at SFO, and many of them work multiple jobs to support their families. {photo courtesy of SF Gate}


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